my inspiration

my inspiration
Christofer Drew Ingle :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Is anyone reading this?

IS anyone reading my blog? i dont really care if they do or not. this Blog is a way for me to express my fealings or whats on my mind when i dont feel like telling anyone. So if anyone is reading this then, Great! and thanks! if not oh well at least i know its out their in the world.

Boys are confusing

i dont get it. Boys always say that girls are so confusing and they dont understand us.
Wrong! Boys understand us just fine. They know what we want. We want to be treated right (even thought that never happens) All they have to do is go listen to a Taylor Swift song and they will be set for the rest of their lives.

But when us women try to figure out what guys want its a whole different story. Yes they want Sex, to hang with their buds and eat food. But what do they really want? They never show their true feelings, their emotions, how much their truely care for a girl.

Yeah theirs those rare guys you find that love their girlfrirends for who they really are, but for me thats just a show their putting on, because no real guy is like that. NONE!

Girls dream for the  guy that we see in movies, that singers sing about in their songs. The guy that is going to surpirise us and take us on the most romantic dates, or write a song and sing it to us in front of all of his friends. (sorry for who ever is reading this, but that will prolly never happen)

Yes, girls expect to much, but cant guys just put on the show for us and be who we want them to be? is that to much to ask for?